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AOSP Memory/Content Related ADB Commands/Call Logs
adb shell dumpsys procstats --hours 3
adb shell dumpsys meminfo
adb shell dumpsys activity
#get content providers
adb shell dumpsys | grep Provider{ | grep
#call logs
adb shell content query --uri content://call_log/calls
#call logs
for i in `seq 1 90`; do adb shell content insert --uri content://call_log/calls --bind numberlabel:s:teluri --bind number:s:7837 --bind type:i:1 --bind date:l:1437760239687 --bind countryiso:s:US --bind numbertype:i:0 --bind new:i:1 --bind duration:l:60 --bind presentation:i:1 --bind name:s:7837 --bind photo_id:l:0; echo $i; done
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linghu258 commented Sep 18, 2020

Do I need to root my android devices in order to retrieve the call logs ? As I'm currently having an issue with the command for call logs (as shown below)

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