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Created Mar 1, 2015
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var Card = React.createClass({
componentDidMount: function() {
render: function() {
var cx = React.addons.classSet;
var titleClasses = cx({
'project-title': true,
'medium-centered': true,
'small-centered': true,
'columns': true,
'small-6 medium-12':,
'small-5 medium-9':,
'small-4 medium-9':
var taglineClasses = cx({
'tagline': true,
'medium-centered': true,
'small-centered': true,
'columns': true,
'small-6 medium-11':,
'small-6 medium-11':,
'small-5 medium-9':
<div className="medium-4 columns">
<header className="small-11 small-centered columns">
<h3 className={titleClasses}>{}</h3>
<div className="project-container" data-equalizer-watch>
<h5 className={taglineClasses}>{}</h5>
<div className="screenshot small-8 small-centered columns">
<a href={} alt={} target="_new"><img src={} /></a>
<p className="writeup small-10 small-centered columns text-justify">{}</p>
<p className="tech small-10 small-centered columns text-justify">{}</p>
<div className="row">
<Roles roles={} />
<Links links={} />
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