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  • Update HISTORY.rst
  • Update version number in my_project/
  • Update version number in
  • Install the package again for local development, but with the new version number:
python develop
  • Run the tests:
python test
  • Commit the changes:
git add .
git commit -m "Release 0.1.1"
  • Build the source distribution:
python sdist
  • Test that the sdist installs:
cd dist
tar xzvf my_project-0.1.1.tar.gz
cd my_project-0.1.1/
python install
<try out my_project>
  • Release on PyPI:
python sdist upload
  • Test that it pip installs:
pip install my_project
<try out my_project>
  • Tag the last git commit with the version number:
git tag -a 0.1.1

Put the same message as in HISTORY.rst.

  • Push: git push
  • Push tags: git push --tags
  • Check the PyPI listing page to make sure that the README, release notes, and roadmap display properly. If not, copy and paste the RestructuredText into to find out what broke the formatting.
  • Edit the release on GitHub (e.g. Paste the release notes into the release's release page, and come up with a title for the release.
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