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Created July 16, 2011 11:23
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How to: GitHub Pages "gh-pages" branch for User & Organization Pages

GitHub Pages "Normal" Setup for User & Organization Pages

Let’s say your GitHub username is “alice”. If you create a GitHub repository named, commit a file named index.html into the master branch, and push it to GitHub, then this file will be automatically published to The same works for organizations.

Read more here:

However... the downside of this is that anyone that forks this repo won't get it as a GitHub Pages repo when they are working on it... because they have a different GitHub "username" (or "organisation name").

So the trick is to not use a master branch as the documentation tells you... rather, use a gh-pages branch, as you would for your other "Project Pages".


  1. Create a New Repository on GitHub (don't follow any of the suggested setup instructions).
  2. mkdir
  3. cd
  4. git init
  5. git branch -m master gh-pages <- renames the "master" branch to "gh-pages"
  6. echo "<h1>Hello Alice</h1>" > index.html
  7. git add index.html
  8. `git commit -m "initial commit"
  9. `git remote add origin
  10. git push -u origin gh-pages


This process is most likely most useful for Organization Pages...

I'm personally using it for my "viewsource" organization... which is an open source GitHub Pages hosted CDN.

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mhulse commented Jul 16, 2012

For some reason I get:

error: refname refs/heads/master not found
fatal: Branch rename failed

When I try to rename my master branch to gh-pages.

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Try adding something and committing so that the ref will be available, first.

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Hello, I'm new to GitHub and when I try to push it says

Warning: Permanently added ',' (RSA) to the list of know
n hosts.
ERROR: Repository not found.
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

what can I do to avoid this? Thanks :)

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towolf commented Mar 12, 2013

Doesn't work.

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If anyone has issues with this it is because you don't have an upstream branch yet.
To fix use:
git push --set-upstream origin gh-pages

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I am having your current problem: page not found for

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amabes commented Apr 27, 2018

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