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Created Oct 24, 2013
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import urllib2
import json
import re
from django.conf import settings
from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse
def get_user_data(request):
data = {}
# if we don't have a token yet, get one now
if 'google_access_token' not in request.session:
# URL to where we will redirect to
redirect_url = settings.SITE_URL + reverse('register_google')
# set the token URL
token_url = ''
# set the post params
params = {
'code': request.GET['code'],
'client_id': settings.GOOGLE_OAUTH2_CLIENT_ID,
'client_secret': settings.GOOGLE_OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET,
'redirect_uri': redirect_url,
'grant_type': 'authorization_code'
# grab the token from google
response = urllib2.urlopen(token_url, urllib.urlencode(params)).read()
# parse the response
tokens = json.loads(response)
# save the token
request.session['google_access_token'] = tokens['access_token']
request.session['google_access_token_expires'] = token['expires_in']
# set the api URL using the token we just fetched
api_url = '' \
+ 'access_token=' + request.session['google_access_token']
# get the user's data from google
response = urllib2.urlopen(api_url).read()
user = json.loads(response)
# get the user's info
data['user_id'] = user['id']
data['username'] = re.sub('[^0-9a-zA-Z]+', '', user['email'].split('@')[0]).lower()
data['email'] = user['email']
data['full_name'] = user['name']
data['first_name'] = user['given_name']
data['last_name'] = user['family_name']
data['timezone'] = user['timezone'] if 'timezone' in user else None
data['picture'] = user['picture'] if 'picture' in user else \
return data
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