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View meetup_message_oauth_example.php
* This is a simple example of using PHP's OAuth extension to send a message
* to another member. It assumes you have already recieved the necessary
* authorization from the user and stored the token for reuse.
* See for an
* example of how to fetch a valid token for a given member, with her
* authorization, using your consumer key and secret.
View MapIsFold.scala
CanBuildFrom is easily abused such that the ubiquitous higher order function
map can be repurposed as fold. This is not good; this example demonstrates
a design flaw, not a strength.
import scala.language.postfixOps
import scala.collection.generic
chrislewis / Foo.scala
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Not so sealed
View Foo.scala
sealed trait Foo
case class Bar(x: Int) extends Foo
case class Baz(name: String) extends Foo
object Foo {
def show(f: Foo) =
f match {
case Bar(x) => x.toString // Quux, a subtype of Bar in a different file, will be matched as a Bar
case Baz(name) => name
chrislewis /
Created Mar 13, 2014
Testing parameter limits of java 8 lambdas. 255 turns out to be the limit for both the number of type parameters and arguments in lambda expressions.
class Lambda255 {
chrislewis / gist:4409778
Created Dec 29, 2012
A Reader Either monad transformer for java.util.Properties with Scalaz7
View gist:4409778
* This is a rendition of Scalaz7 provides the
* Reader and we take it a step further by constructing and using a Reader Either
* monad transformer with pure error handling, instead of the original impure Reader
* monad that would throw exceptions on parse errors.
import scalaz._
import Scalaz._
import java.util.Properties
chrislewis /
Created Oct 12, 2012
Andrew's market-making bot in perl
use JSON;
use IO::Socket;
my $pid=$$;
my $user = "marketmaker";
my $pass = "liquidity";
my $host = "";
my $port = "10000";
chrislewis / gist:3416494
Created Aug 21, 2012
reader monad for java.util.Properties example
View gist:3416494
/* Start by creating a reader for some fake yet conceivable type for executing SQL queries. */
val dbReader: Reader[Properties, JdbcExecutor] =
for {
driver <- read[String]("db.driver")
uri <- read[String]("db.uri")
user <- read[String]("db.username")
password <- read[String]("db.password")
name <- read[String]("")
minCons <- read[Int]("db.pool.minConnections")
View gist:2919454
package com.example.foobie
import unfiltered.jetty.Http
import unfiltered.response._
import unfiltered.request._
trait Resolver[A] {
type B
chrislewis / comprehensible.scala
Created Mar 11, 2012
general type and implicit conversion to add support for using a general Bind instance in a for comprehension
View comprehensible.scala
trait Bind[M[_]] {
def fmap[A, B](ma: M[A], f: A => B): M[B]
def bind[A, B](ma: M[A], f: A => M[B]): M[B]
trait Monad[M[_]] extends Bind[M]{
def unit[A](a: => A): M[A]
chrislewis / interpreter.scala
Created Mar 10, 2012
quick interpreter for nescala
View interpreter.scala
package necsala.embedded
import{Global, Settings}
import{AbstractFile, VirtualDirectory}
import java.util.jar.JarFile
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