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azure cli import database from blob container in another subsciption
import a database from a blob container in another subsciption
param (
[string] $environment, # to environment
[string] $tenantid,
[string] $production_subscriptionid,
[string] $production_spn_clientid,
[string] $production_spn_secret,
[string] $subscriptionid,
[string] $spn_clientid,
[string] $spn_secret,
[string] $skuname
If ($environment -eq $null){
$environment = "DEV";
Write-Host "************************************************"
Write-Host "variables"
Write-Host "************************************************"
$resourcegroup1 = "AUAZE-$environment-DEMO"
$production_resourcegroup1 = "AUAZE-PRD-DEMO"
$sqlserver1 = "AUAZE-$environment-DEMO-dbsvrp1".ToLower()
$keyvaultname = "au-DEMO-$environment-1".ToLower()
$backups = 'backups'
$filename = "DEMO_PRD_$(Get-Date -Format "yyyy-MM-dd").bacpac" ### YOU CAN ONLY IMPORT TODAYS PRODUCTION EXPORT
$bloburi = "$filename"
Write-Host "************************************************"
Write-Host "login via spn to production and get the container key"
Write-Host "************************************************"
az login --service-principal --username $production_spn_clientid --password $production_spn_secret --tenant $tenantid
$keyvalue = az storage account keys list -g $production_resourcegroup1 -n $backups --subscription $production_subscriptionid --query '[0].value' -o json
az logout --username $production_spn_clientid
### DEV or UAT
Write-Host "************************************************"
Write-Host "login to dev or uat"
Write-Host "************************************************"
az login --service-principal --username $spn_clientid --password $spn_secret --tenant $tenantid
$sqladmin = az keyvault secret show --name 'sqladmin' --vault-name $keyvaultname --query 'value'
$sqlpassword = az keyvault secret show --name 'sqlpassword' --vault-name $keyvaultname --query 'value'
Write-Host "************************************************"
Write-Host "import bacpac from production to blob container"
Write-Host "************************************************"
az account set --subscription $subscriptionid
az sql db delete -g $resourcegroup1 -s $sqlserver1 -n "DEMO" --yes
az sql db create -g $resourcegroup1 -s $sqlserver1 -n "DEMO" --service-objective $skuname
az sql db import -s $sqlserver1 -n "DEMO" -g $resourcegroup1 -u $sqladmin -p $sqlpassword --auth-type SQL --storage-uri $bloburi --storage-key-type "StorageAccessKey" --storage-key "$keyvalue"
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