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Install ODK-X sync endpoint with https via certbot and reverse-proxy for phpldapadmin

Installing sync endpoint (https + ldap reverse-proxy)

Adapted from:

Prerequisites (e.g. ubuntu server)


1. Clone the setup repo

git clone;
cd sync-endpoint-default-setup;

2. Create SSL certificate (replace email and domain name below)

sudo certbot certonly --standalone \
   --email "" \
   -d "" \
   --rsa-key-size 4096 \
   --agree-tos \
   --cert-name bootstrap \
   --keep-until-expiring \

Check the certificate exists for your domain via certbot certificates

3. Build all the required docker images (this can take some time)

   git clone ; \
   docker build --pull -t odk/sync-web-ui; \
   docker build --pull -t odk/db-bootstrap db-bootstrap; \
   docker build --pull -t odk/openldap openldap; \
   docker build --pull -t odk/phpldapadmin phpldapadmin; \
   mvn clean install -DskipTests=true -f ./sync-endpoint/pom.xml

Ensure all build steps pass successfully

4. Update configs

Add a location to serve phpldapadmin from (instead of port 40000)

location ^~ /ldap/ {
	proxy_pass https://phpldapadmin/;


Remove phpldapadmin port mapping (optional) Provide nginx access to the ldap network.

   # remove ports if wanted
      - "${PHP_LDAPADMIN_PORT:-40000}:443"

   image: nginx:mainline
   - sync-network
   - ldap-network


Make any other config changes required/as suggested from docs for passwords etc. ldap.env,sync.env,db.env,config/https.env

5. Deploy (platform + script renewal)

docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml -c docker-compose-https.yml syncldap

The platform should be deployed and after a minute or so be available on the domain specified, with phpldapadmin available at

Alt deploy - via python script

A script does exist to automate the processes above, although requires installing python on the device and manually making the config changes outlined above (it's also a bit fiddly)
sudo python

  • prompt 1, enter host url in quotation marks - ""
  • prompt 2, enter include https in quotation - "y"
  • prompt 3, enter email in quotation - ""
  • prompt 4 - "y"



  1. It can take up to a minute or so for the domain to become available, so wait.

  2. Check stats to see if services running docker stats

  3. Check logs for services (e.g. nginx, phpldapadmin)
    docker service ls
    docker service logs syncldap_nginx docker service logs syncldap_phpldapadmin

  4. Retry deployment (removing previous stack and ensuring all containers stopped)

docker stack rm syncldap; \
docker stop $(docker ps -aq); \
docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml -c docker-compose-https.yml syncldap
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