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What would you like to do? language files 2014-09-05
edit: edit
delete: delete
embed_code: embed code
authenticate: authenticate
pages: Pages
account: Account
logout: Logout
signup: Sign up
login: Login
your_pages: Your Pages
new_page: New Page
send_files_to_name: Send files to %{name}
enter_the_correct_access_code: Enter the correct access code to upload files.
user_is_unauthenticated_with_dropbox: User is unauthenticated with Dropbox.
if_this_is_your_page_reauthenticate: If this is your dbinbox page, you can %{link} to enable uploads to your Dropbox.
access_upload_page: Access Upload Page
incorrect_access_code: Incorrect access code. Try again.
files: Files
max: "%{amount} max"
increase_max_filesize: increase the maximum filesize
drag_files_here_to_upload: Drag files here to upload.
drop_files_here_to_upload: Drop files here to upload.
choose_files: Choose Files
powered_by: Powered by
folder: Folder
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