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Chris christianpeel

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View .eth Registrar using only

.eth Registrar using only

This is an attempt of setting up a name registrar that use deposits instead of burning or token contributions and tries to optimize name utility and reduce domain squatting. Previous initiatives of charging a "rent" based on the market price with an yearly auction proved impopular with many developers as they believed the registrar wasn't delivering any value for the "tax" as well as worries that a sudden big auction could force someone unexpectedly to be forced to sell the name.

In order to start doing that let's define the problem:

Name squatting is defined as buying a name and not adding any value to it, just holding it expecting that domains names will become more valuable in the future. Let's assume that all name buyers have the intention of acquiring a name and make it more valuable over time, either by working on it as a business and adding value to the "brand", or by working to increase the chances of finding a