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Last active November 14, 2021 15:13
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eCash GNC Grant Request for PSF SLP DEX

GNC Grant Proposal: SLP DEX


This is a grant request for $25,000 USD equivalent of eCash to fund the development of a decentralized exchange (DEX) for SLP tokens on the eCash blockchain (eTokens). Having a token exchange would increase the utility value of the eCash blockchain, and by leveraging token bridges, would make eCash users less dependent on centralized exchanges (CEX).

Development would be executed by the Permissionless Software Foundation. They have already recieved a $25,000 grant from Ava Labs to build a DEX on the Avalanche X-Chain. The PSF requests a matching grant from the eCash GNC to port the DEX over to eCash. Here is a video presentation given to ShapeShift DAO about the exchange being built. A proof-of-concept for a trustless, atomic token trade has already been developed, based on Vin Armani's SWaP protocol.

An AVAX investor previously funded the development of this AVAX-to-BCH token bridge, which can easily be adapted to eCash. Combining token bridges with a DEX would allow value to fluidly travel between eCash, BCH, and AVAX blockchains. It would liberate eCash users from dependence on centralized exchanges.

The timeline for this project would be one calendar year. The AVAX DEX started on October 15th, 2021 and completes on October 15th, 2022. The code developed could be ported to the eCash blockchain, with a proposed starting time of January 1st 2022, and expected to complete January 1st, 2023.

Who We Are

The Permissionless Software Foundation is a collective of JavaScript developers with deep interests in the freedom-enforcing capabilities of blockchain technology. Our mission is to develop, promote, and maintain software that makes it easy for individuals to protect their privacy, circumvent censorship, and engage in economic activity.

It's founder is Chris Troutner, who helped in the creation of the SLP token ecosystem. He helped build one of the first JavaScript libraries for working with SLP tokens. He is lead maintainer for bch-js and bch-api, which is leveraged by the ABC development team to power the eCash web wallet and token ecosystem.

Project Milestones

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