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DIY Robot kit for educators GSOC 2019

DIY Robot kit for educators GSOC 2019

This is the final report of the work which was done as part of DIY robot kit for educators GSOC19 Project (


With that project I designed an easy to assembly and program robot. The designs is 3D printable and all the electronic parts are easy to find in any electronic equipment store. The robot have the Raspberry Pi 3+ as the main computer with the Rasbian operating system, combined with Jupyter Notebook as programing interface and a Node.js application as front-end main control page. You can program and control the robot through your browser using the Proteas wireless access point. In the repository you can find all the stl files for the robot, a Python library with easy to use code and extensive documentation on the Wiki ( of the repository.

Proteas robot teaser video

Work and Repository

All of my work can be found at this repository (, which was created from scratch and does not rely on any previous code. My commits can be found here


  1. 3D printed parts ready to print
  2. Python library for easy usage and control the robot
  3. Integration with Jupyter
  4. Easy way to access the robot
  5. Custom Rasbian image with OpenCV, Jupyter, Node.js, Python libraries, instructions and configuration intergraded.
  6. Extensive instruction for the assembly and usage
  7. Jupyter Notebooks with examples and educational material

Future Work

As stated in the repository, the following can be done:

  1. Support of analogue sensors
  2. More 3D printed components
  3. More electronic sensors support
  4. Improvements on designs
  5. Integration with Scratch, Node-RED
  6. Compatibility with Arduino
  7. Better wireless connection ways
  8. Companion app for Android/IOS
  9. Custom build PCB for easy connection of the electronic components


GSoC Mentors

  • Iraklis Varlamis
  • Theodoros Karounos
  • Konstantinos Kalovrektis
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