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Factorio v0.15 Death World game settings
"_comment": "Sizes can be specified as none, very-low, low, normal, high, very-high",
"terrain_segmentation": "normal",
"water": "normal",
"width": 0,
"height": 0,
"starting_area": "normal",
"peaceful_mode": false,
"coal": {"frequency": "normal", "size": "normal", "richness": "normal"},
"copper-ore": {"frequency": "normal", "size": "normal", "richness": "normal"},
"crude-oil": {"frequency": "normal", "size": "normal", "richness": "normal"},
"enemy-base": {"frequency": "very-high", "size": "normal", "richness": "normal"},
"iron-ore": {"frequency": "normal", "size": "normal", "richness": "normal"},
"stone": {"frequency": "normal", "size": "normal", "richness": "normal"},
"uranium-ore": {"frequency": "normal", "size": "normal", "richness": "normal"}
"_comment_seed": "Use null for a random seed, number for a specific seed.",
"seed": null
"recipe_difficulty": 2,
"technology_difficulty": 2,
"technology_price_multiplier": 4
"enabled": true,
"_comment_min_to_diffuse_1": "these are values for 60 ticks (1 simulated second)",
"_comment_min_to_diffuse_2": "amount that is diffused to neighboring chunk",
"min_pollution_to_damage_trees": 3500,
"pollution_with_max_forest_damage": 10000,
"pollution_per_tree_damage": 2000,
"pollution_restored_per_tree_damage": 500,
"max_pollution_to_restore_trees": 1000
"enabled": true,
"time_factor": 0.00002,
"destroy_factor": 0.002,
"pollution_factor": 0.00002
"enabled": true,
"min_base_spacing": 3,
"max_expansion_distance": 7,
"friendly_base_influence_radius": 2,
"enemy_building_influence_radius": 2,
"building_coefficient": 0.1,
"other_base_coefficient": 2.0,
"neighbouring_chunk_coefficient": 0.5,
"neighbouring_base_chunk_coefficient": 0.4,
"max_colliding_tiles_coefficient": 0.9,
"settler_group_min_size": 5,
"settler_group_max_size": 20,
"min_expansion_cooldown": 14400,
"max_expansion_cooldown": 216000
"min_group_gathering_time": 3600,
"max_group_gathering_time": 36000,
"max_wait_time_for_late_members": 7200,
"max_group_radius": 30.0,
"min_group_radius": 5.0,
"max_member_speedup_when_behind": 1.4,
"max_member_slowdown_when_ahead": 0.6,
"max_group_slowdown_factor": 0.3,
"max_group_member_fallback_factor": 3,
"member_disown_distance": 10,
"tick_tolerance_when_member_arrives": 60,
"max_gathering_unit_groups": 30,
"max_unit_group_size": 200
"radius": 1.2,
"separation_force": 0.005,
"separation_factor": 1.2,
"force_unit_fuzzy_goto_behavior": false
"radius": 3,
"separation_force": 0.01,
"separation_factor": 3,
"force_unit_fuzzy_goto_behavior": false
"fwd2bwd_ratio": 5,
"goal_pressure_ratio": 2,
"max_steps_worked_per_tick": 100,
"use_path_cache": true,
"short_cache_size": 5,
"long_cache_size": 25,
"short_cache_min_cacheable_distance": 10,
"short_cache_min_algo_steps_to_cache": 50,
"long_cache_min_cacheable_distance": 30,
"cache_max_connect_to_cache_steps_multiplier": 100,
"cache_accept_path_start_distance_ratio": 0.2,
"cache_accept_path_end_distance_ratio": 0.15,
"negative_cache_accept_path_start_distance_ratio": 0.3,
"negative_cache_accept_path_end_distance_ratio": 0.3,
"cache_path_start_distance_rating_multiplier": 10,
"cache_path_end_distance_rating_multiplier": 20,
"stale_enemy_with_same_destination_collision_penalty": 30,
"ignore_moving_enemy_collision_distance": 5,
"enemy_with_different_destination_collision_penalty": 30,
"general_entity_collision_penalty": 10,
"general_entity_subsequent_collision_penalty": 3,
"max_clients_to_accept_any_new_request": 10,
"max_clients_to_accept_short_new_request": 100,
"direct_distance_to_consider_short_request": 100,
"short_request_max_steps": 1000,
"short_request_ratio": 0.5,
"min_steps_to_check_path_find_termination": 2000,
"start_to_goal_cost_multiplier_to_terminate_path_find": 500.0
"max_failed_behavior_count": 3
"name": "<your value here>",
"description": "Hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.",
"tags": ["GCP", "deathworld"],
"_comment_max_players": "Maximum number of players allowed, admins can join even a full server. 0 means unlimited.",
"max_players": 0,
"_comment_visibility": ["public: Game will be published on the official Factorio matching server",
"lan: Game will be broadcast on LAN"],
"public": true,
"lan": true
"_comment_credentials": "Your login credentials. Required for games with visibility public",
"username": "",
"password": "",
"_comment_token": "Authentication token. May be used instead of 'password' above.",
"token": "<your value here>",
"game_password": "<your value here>",
"_comment_require_user_verification": "When set to true, the server will only allow clients that have a valid account",
"require_user_verification": true,
"_comment_max_upload_in_kilobytes_per_second" : "optional, default value is 0. 0 means unlimited.",
"max_upload_in_kilobytes_per_second": 0,
"_comment_minimum_latency_in_ticks": "optional one tick is 16ms in default speed, default value is 0. 0 means no minimum.",
"minimum_latency_in_ticks": 0,
"_comment_ignore_player_limit_for_returning_players": "Players that played on this map already can join even when the max player limit was reached.",
"ignore_player_limit_for_returning_players": false,
"_comment_allow_commands": "possible values are, true, false and admins-only",
"allow_commands": "admins-only",
"_comment_autosave_interval": "Autosave interval in minutes",
"autosave_interval": 10,
"_comment_autosave_slots": "server autosave slots, it is cycled through when the server autosaves.",
"autosave_slots": 20,
"_comment_afk_autokick_interval": "How many minutes until someone is kicked when doing nothing, 0 for never.",
"afk_autokick_interval": 0,
"_comment_auto_pause": "Whether should the server be paused when no players are present.",
"auto_pause": true,
"only_admins_can_pause_the_game": true,
"_comment_autosave_only_on_server": "Whether autosaves should be saved only on server or also on all connected clients. Default is true.",
"autosave_only_on_server": true,
"_comment_admins": "List of case insensitive usernames, that will be promoted immediately",
"admins": ["<your value here>"]
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