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Nightbot commands reference for Twitch and sometimes youtube gaming. Most are accessible via google and reading many docs but I like to keep things in one location for reference. If you want to see something here lmk on Twitter: or comment below.

add, edit, delete

  • !addcom !keyword New text here
  • !editcom !keyword Edited version of the text here
  • !delcom !keyword

reference user whom entered command

  • $(user)

reference entered text

  • $(query)

add an alias to another command

!addcom !newkeyword -a=!currentkeyword $(query)

add a shoutout command for mods to reference other streamers

!addcom -ul=mod !shoutout Check out $(touser) at$(touser)

time commands example

!addcom !time Clintus lives in Arizona USA. Time there is currently $(time US/Arizona "HH:mm z") [or $(time US/Arizona "h:mma")]

following since (aka followage using

!addcom !followage $(urlfetch$(touser)&channel=$(channel)&format=mwdhms)

setup multitwitch link and update command

setup a tweet the stream command

!addcom !tweet Click here to tweet & promote the stream! $(tweet Come watch @Clintus play $(twitch $(channel) "{{game}} on Twitch! {{url}}"))

setup a command for LMGTFY (let me google that for you)

!addcom !lmgtfy Let Me Google That For You $(touser)$(querystring)

  • Usage is like this: !lmgtfy @username text to google

Reference Info

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