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Last active Mar 8, 2018
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拡張子 圧縮形式 コマンド
.zip zip unzip [filepath]
gunzip [filepath]
.gz gzip gunzip [filepath]
gzip -d [filepath]
.Z compress uncompress [filepath]
gunzip [filepath]
.bz2 bzip2 bzip2 -d [filepath]
bunzip2 [filepath]
tar + gzip tar -xfz [filepath]
tar -xvf [filepath]
gunzip [filepath]
tar + compress tar -xfZ [filepath]
tar + bzip2 tar -xfj [filepath]
tar + snappy
tar + lzip4
tar + xz tar -xvf [filepath]
.rar rar unrar x [filepath]
lzh lha x [filepath]
.7z 7-zip 7z x -y [filepath]
.tar tar tar -xvf [filepath]
.arj arj unarj [filepath]
.cab cabbinet cabextract [filepath]
.jar jar jar xf [filepath]
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