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View _cj-hover-border.scss
/// Animate in a border-bottom on hover or focus.
/// @author chris barnes <>
/// @link
/// @param {String} $hover-color The color the link should change to on hover.
/// @param {Number} $duration How long the animation should take.
/// @output Color, border and transition styles.
@mixin cj-hover-border($hover-color: #639, $duration: 0.25s) {
border-bottom: 1px solid transparent;
View world-strtotime.php
* Version of strtotime() that doesn't use American dates.
* `strtotime()` interprets a date with slashes as American - i.e. m/d/y. So we
* replace all slashes with dashes, to stop it from doing this.
* @author chris barnes <>
* @link