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Created September 5, 2022 15:01
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Extension Project Description
AutoFac Common Dependency Injection on steroids
Destructurama Web Allow automatic censoring of POCO via attributes in Serilog
Edi.Captcha Web Session based captcha image generation and verification
EFCore.NamingConventions Infrastructure More db like naming conventions
Fluent.Net Common I18N and L10N via Mozillas fluent project
Fluent Validation Domains Simple Validation for Data
HaveIBeenPwned.Client Accounts Password checker for HIBP matches
Isopoh.Cryptography.Argon2 Accounts Argon2 hashing for user passwords
MailKit * Mail sending
MediatR Common CQRS / Mediator library
Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore Infrastructure DB ORM
Npgsql Infrastructure PostgresQL driver
Serilog Web Serilog logging implementation + Enrichers
System.IO.Abstractions Common Abstractions for System.IO
TextExtensions Infrastructure Snake Case Converter
Xid Common Guid and Snowflake alternative


Extension Description
AngleSharp HTML Parser
coverlet code coverage analyzer
FakeItEasy Create Fakes and mocks easily
FluentAssertions Assertions in a fluent fashion
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Testing Lightweight TestServer for ASP
Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.InMemory InMemory EFCore Adapter
SpecFlow BDD Gherkin runner
xUnit Test Runner


Extension Link Description
AsyncFixer Common Async AntiPatterns
AsyncSuffixAnalyzer Add Async suffix to asynchronous functions
IDisposableAnalyzers Analyzers for IDisposable
Roslyn.System.IO.Abstraction.Analyzers Analyzers checking System.Reflection

sonar ?

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