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(ns chatter-box.event-bus-test
(:require-macros [cemerick.cljs.test :refer [deftest testing is]]
[cljs.core.async.macros :refer [go]])
[chatter-box.event-bus :as bus :refer [create-bus Component init accept-message? get-channel]]
#+clj [clojure.test :as test :refer [deftest testing is]]
#+cljs [cemerick.cljs.test :as t]
#+clj [clojure.core.async :as a :refer [alts! <! >! chan timeout go]]
#+cljs [cljs.core.async :as a :refer [alts! <! >! chan timeout]]))
(defrecord TestComponent [channel filt]
(init [_ ch] ch)
(accept-message? [_ msg] (filt msg))
(get-channel [_] channel))
(defn basic-test [filt check message]
(let [my-co (TestComponent. (chan) filt)
bus-chan (create-bus my-co)]
(go (>! bus-chan message)
(let [[msg _] (alts! [(timeout 100) (:channel my-co)])]
(is (check msg message))))))
(deftest bus-echo-test
(testing "bus basic echo test"
(basic-test (fn [msg] true) = "testing")))
(deftest bus-filter-test
(testing "negative filter"
(basic-test :good-key
(fn [in out] (nil? in))
{:bad-key true}))
(testing "positive filter"
(basic-test :good-key
{:good-key true})))
(deftest bus-multi-test
(testing "multiple component test"
(let [co1 (TestComponent. (chan) :good-key)
co2 (TestComponent. (chan) :good-key)
co3 (TestComponent. (chan) :bad-key)
bus-chan (create-bus co1 co2 co2)
message {:good-key true}]
(>! bus-chan message)
(let [[msg _] (alts! [(timeout 100) (:channel co1)])]
(is (= msg message)))
(let [[msg _] (alts! [(timeout 100) (:channel co2)])]
(is (= msg message)))
(let [[msg _] (alts! [(timeout 100) (:channel co3)])]
(is (nil? msg)))))))
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