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iSpindel Public HTTP Postman Collection
"variables": [],
"info": {
"name": "iSpindel",
"_postman_id": "af976f38-adc5-d196-ca48-06087268481e",
"description": "iSpindel Universal HTTP API",
"schema": ""
"item": [
"name": "iSpindel Universal HTTP",
"request": {
"url": "http://ispindel:PORT/api/v1/json",
"method": "POST",
"header": [
"key": "Content-Type",
"value": "application/json",
"description": ""
"body": {
"mode": "raw",
"raw": "{\"name\": \"iSpindel01\", \"temperature\": 20.5, \"angle\": 89.5, \"battery\": 84}"
"description": "Generated from a curl request: \ncurl -X POST -H \\\"Content-Type: application/json\\\" -d '{\\\"name\\\": \\\"iSpindel01\\\", \\\"temperature\\\": 20.5, \\\"angle\\\": 89.5, \\\"battery\\\": 84}' http://YOURSERVER:PORT/api/v1/json\n"
"response": []
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