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Prerequisites for jenkins Cloudbees nodejs,grunt,bower,ruby,compass build
# prerequisites to install on jenkins before each build
export DISPLAY=:1
Xvfb :1 &
# Fetch node, grunt, bower, npm deps, ruby for compass...
#cd $1
curl -s -o ./use-node
NODE_VERSION=0.8.14 . ./use-node
npm install -g grunt-cli bower
curl -s -o ./use-ruby
RUBY_VERSION=2.0.0-p247 \
source ./use-ruby
gem install --conservative compass

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@fcamblor fcamblor commented Apr 25, 2014

Merci pour ruby & compass, ça m'a bien servi :)

(pour node, le nodejs plugin est dispo sur cloudbees c'est cool ;-))

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