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Gulp tasks for building a design spec static site
var gulp = require('gulp');
var webserver = require('gulp-webserver');
var fileInclude = require('gulp-file-include');
* Design spec build tasks:
* Compile and serve a design spec (style guide) site.
gulp.task('dspec', ['dspec:watch'], function() {
return gulp.src('design_spec_build')
port: 3366,
livereload: true,
open: true,
gulp.task('dspec:build', ['dspec:styles'], function() {
return gulp.src('design_spec/**/*')
path: 'file/design_spec',
prefix: '@@',
// copy App stylesheets to style guide site
gulp.task('dspec:styles', ['css'], function() {
return gulp.src('build/public/**/*.css')
gulp.task('dspec:watch', function() {['design_spec/**/*'], ['dspec:build']);
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