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Use case template
* We developed this document to stop functional bugs entering our software development. Saving time and money on rework.
* What we shipped before using use cases, always looked great, but after 6-8 weeks customers found the designs had flaws.
* The caused us to stop working on our new projects and spend days, weeks, months reworking what was already shipped.
* A use case defines the interactions between external actors and the system under consideration to accomplish a goal.
* Answer the questions inside <...>
* Write in terse clear style. Add math, logic, the best use cases are 1 or 2 pages long. Break down longer use case into
* sub use cases or additional uses cases. For inspiration read up on how Hollywood writes screen plays clear and logical.
Describe The Use Case
<List of the requirements needed>
<Overall Design for the project requirements>
<The action upon the system if that starts the use case>
Description (scenario steps)
<Steps of the scenario from the trigger to goal-delivery and any clean up after (mock up screen shots as required)>
Failure Condition
<What to protect in case the goal fails>
<Step branching actions, conditional cases, branching steps, action names, sub use cases>
<Branching actions, list of validations if needed>
<Summarize the system results>
<Relationships to other use cases, bug reports, screen shots, user interface mock ups, customer quotes; include references which remove ambiguity)>
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igorsaraiva commented Jan 29, 2019

great structure. simple yet objective. the most clear, the better.
thanks for it

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