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[string]$BuildVersion = ""
#Patch-Level der SharePoint Farm prüfen
$apiUrl = ""
if ($BuildVersion -eq "") {
write-host "Lese Farm-Info..." -f Gray
asnp *share*
$BuildVersion = (Get-SPFarm).BuildVersion.ToString()
write-host "Version $BuildVersion ermittelt"
$versionUrl = $apiUrl + $BuildVersion
write-host "Frage ab ($versionUrl)..." -f Gray
$versionInfo = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $versionUrl
foreach ($info in $versionInfo) {
write-host "-" $info.Title -f Green
if ($info.KnownIssues.Count -gt 0) {
write-host "Es exisistieren bekannte Fehler!" -f y
write-host $versionInfo.KnownIssues
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