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Outline for an Espresso test that interacts with BottomSheets in a reliable way
fun clickButtonInsideExpandedBottomSheet() {
val sheetBehavior = activity.getBottomSheetBehavior()
val expandedSheetIdlingResource = BottomSheetStateResource(sheetBehavior, STATE_EXPANDED)
val settledSheetIdlingResource = BottomSheetSettledResource(sheetBehavior)
// Wait for settled state
withBottomSheetResource(settledSheetIdlingResource) {
// Use BottomSheetSetStateAction to expand the Bottom Sheet
// Wait for expanded state
withBottomSheetResource(expandedSheetIdlingResource) {
// Click on button inside Bottom Sheet content
// Assert that button had the intended effect
private fun withBottomSheetResource(
sheetIdlingResource: IdlingResource,
actionsAndAssertions: () -> Unit
) {
with(sheetIdlingResource) {
try {
} finally {
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