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Last active Jul 12, 2018
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Google Apps Script: given a regular email (e.g. backup results), archive old copies
// Configuration data
// Each config should have the following keys:
// * age_min: maps to 'older_than:' in gmail query terms
// * age_max: maps to 'newer_than:' in gmail query terms
// * query: freeform gmail query terms to match against
// The age_min/age_max values don't need to exist, given the freeform query value,
// but age_min forces you to think about how frequent the emails are, and age_max
// forces you to not search for every single email tha matches the query
// TODO:
// * Add a per-config flag that skips the archiving if there's only one matching thread (so the most recent matching email always stays in Inbox)
var configs = [
{ age_min:"14d", age_max:"90d", query:"subject:(Benedict's Newsletter)" },
{ age_min:"7d", age_max:"30d", query:" subject:gnubert" },
{ age_min:"1d", age_max:"7d", query:"subject:(Nightly clone to Thunderbay4 Successfully)" },
{ age_min:"1d", age_max:"7d", query:"from:Amazon subject:(Arriving today)" }
function processInbox() {
for (var config_key in configs) {
var config = configs[config_key];
Logger.log("Processing query: " + config["query"]);
var threads ="in:inbox " + config["query"] + " newer_than:" + config["age_max"] + " older_than:" + config["age_min"]);
for (var thread_key in threads) {
var thread = threads[thread_key];
Logger.log(" Archiving: " + thread.getFirstMessageSubject());
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