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git bisect start
# bad: [d92b08536d873c0966e8192e64d8e8bd9de79ebe] [1.7.x] Bump version number for 1.7 release.
git bisect bad d92b08536d873c0966e8192e64d8e8bd9de79ebe
# good: [7c08f4c6351f7e53a01ff800d8a61f19ca961b29] Bump everything for 1.3.
git bisect good 7c08f4c6351f7e53a01ff800d8a61f19ca961b29
# bad: [63c52dcbcdd47cb1a47662846dfe4e1812d2444c] Fixed #20008 -- Removed trailing slash in Wikipedia link
git bisect bad 63c52dcbcdd47cb1a47662846dfe4e1812d2444c
# bad: [f29234167ad0193f35360023c65212c39cf87d1b] Merge pull request #104 from samuraisam/17138-html5-remove-summary
git bisect bad f29234167ad0193f35360023c65212c39cf87d1b
# good: [a82488bf4b57c1bc917f8ed79eac7a99d5e26bff] Fixed #16966 -- Stopped CachedStaticFilesStorage from choking on querystrings and path fragments.
git bisect good a82488bf4b57c1bc917f8ed79eac7a99d5e26bff
# bad: [45570580839ce2e4e4674b42375dbc1300f91f14] Fixed #17800 -- Prevented Django from starting without a SECRET_KEY, since that opens a variety of security problems. Thanks PaulM for the report.
git bisect bad 45570580839ce2e4e4674b42375dbc1300f91f14
# good: [1572a3d4b2dd4afd004765ba73a2c38b311b65ee] Fixed #10931 -- Made `Truncator` handle newlines properly. Thanks to gsong and Claude Paroz.
git bisect good 1572a3d4b2dd4afd004765ba73a2c38b311b65ee
# bad: [b46d90c63ad866d5d7d6b09d8986339e0842550d] Fixed #7758 and #17189 -- Allowed to override the `form_url` context var in the admin change view and the user admin's password change view. Thanks, michal and krzysztof.szczesny.
git bisect bad b46d90c63ad866d5d7d6b09d8986339e0842550d
# bad: [f9ea6196139fed76a8cf65bccfdc2c34c1e8ce91] Fixed #12099 -- Prevented admindocs from crashing when an application that provides template tags libraries is packaged as an egg. These libraries will be ignored.
git bisect bad f9ea6196139fed76a8cf65bccfdc2c34c1e8ce91
# good: [19c544ff4250720558119084a60daa6363f45919] Fixed #17300 -- Prevented createcachetable from crashing when the cache table already exists. Thanks Claude Paroz.
git bisect good 19c544ff4250720558119084a60daa6363f45919
# good: [477f4d80616392bbd3352cad50faedb9c1494b33] Clean up the form's code a little bit, to make it more consistantly go through one code path. Patch from Travis Swicegood.
git bisect good 477f4d80616392bbd3352cad50faedb9c1494b33
# bad: [6ae393d74db1f8e553c80951f3eaeb3ba16fc223] Fixed #15092 -- Made `{% now %}` work with single-quoted string arguments. Thanks to ninja_otoko for the report and to steveire, Aymeric Augustin and Claude Paroz for the patch.
git bisect bad 6ae393d74db1f8e553c80951f3eaeb3ba16fc223
# bad: [4d030e540dc7b64d783510ba0d46c40f9713d305] Fixed the link to the IRC logs in the README. Refs #17453, #16277.
git bisect bad 4d030e540dc7b64d783510ba0d46c40f9713d305
# bad: [f0d467675040dbb979015d97adba449dc7fd02ad] Fixed #10139 -- Clarified that slicing an evaluated QuerySet returns a list, not a QuerySet. Thanks ori for the patch.
git bisect bad f0d467675040dbb979015d97adba449dc7fd02ad
# bad: [905e33f84a1a10e4f0183d879c52076ef876fc3b] Fixed #16885 -- Confirmed features of mirror databases when setting up test databases.
git bisect bad 905e33f84a1a10e4f0183d879c52076ef876fc3b
# first bad commit: [905e33f84a1a10e4f0183d879c52076ef876fc3b] Fixed #16885 -- Confirmed features of mirror databases when setting up test databases.
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