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Diff to make light version of jekyll logo visible in inkscape.
diff --git a/jekyll-logo.svg b/jekyll-logo.svg
index d448ed7..64bf54b 100644
--- a/jekyll-logo.svg
+++ b/jekyll-logo.svg
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
<g i:extraneous="self">
- <g id="logo-bg-dark">
+ <g id="logo-bg-dark" display="none">
<rect id="bg" fill="#333333" width="960" height="490"/>
<g id="test-tube">
<path id="shadow_2_" opacity="0.3" d="M802.411,80.363c-0.151,0.607-0.155,1.259-0.027,1.948c0,0,2.065,13.708-0.279,19.809
@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@
- <g id="logo-bg-light" display="none">
+ <g id="logo-bg-light">
<g id="test-tube_1_" display="inline">
<path id="shadow_1_" opacity="0.1" d="M802.411,80.363c-0.151,0.607-0.155,1.259-0.027,1.948c0,0,2.065,13.708-0.279,19.809
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