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F# code 3
let rec factorial(n : int) (mem : bigint) =
match n with
| 0 | 1 -> printfn "%A" mem
| _ -> factorial (n - 1) (mem * bigint(n))
let BigFactorial(numero,mesaje)=
Async.FromContinuations(fun (cont,error,cancelation) ->
printfn "begin number: %s" mesaje
factorial numero 1I |>ignore
printfn "begin number: %s ." mesaje
//this doesn't works in async way...I get the 30M result first and then run the 10M
printfn "Start!!..."
do! BigFactorial(30000,"30M")
do! BigFactorial(10000, "10M")
printfn "End!!..."
//this works nicely
let task1 = async{
printfn "begin"
do! BigFactorial(30000,"30")
printfn "end..."
let task2 = async{
printfn "begin"
do! BigFactorial(10000,"10")
printfn "end!!..."
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