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-- This is the first query:
SELECT DISTINCT year from population_years;
-- Add your additional queries below:
-- Largest Pop size in Gabon
SELECT MAX(population) FROM population_years WHERE country = 'Gabon';
-- Lowest 10 population countries in 2005
SELECT country FROM population_years
WHERE year = 2005
ORDER BY population ASC
-- Countries over 100m pop in 2010
SELECT DISCTINCT country FROM population_years
WHERE population > 100 AND year = 2005;
-- Countries that contain 'Island'
SELECT COUNT(DISCTINCT country) FROM population_years WHERE country LIKE '%island%';
-- population difference in Indonesia 2000 VS 2010
SELECT * FROM population_years WHERE country = 'Indonesia' AND year = 2000 OR country = 'Indonesia' AND year = 2010;
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