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How to share folders with docker containers on OSX

How to share a folder with a docker container on OSX

Mounting shared folders between OSX and the docker container is tricky due to the intermediate boot2docker VM. You can't use the usual docker -v option as the docker server knows nothing about the OSX filesystem - it can only mount folders from the boot2docker filesystem. Fortunately, you can work around this using SSHFS.

Install sshfs on the boot2docker machine:

$ boot2docker ssh
docker@boot2docker:~$ tce-load -wi sshfs-fuse

and create a folder to mount to:

docker@boot2docker:~$ mkdir ~/osx

Ensure that 'Remote Login' is enabled in 'System Preferences > Sharing' and make a note of your host IP address.

Now run sshfs on the boot2docker VM to mount a folder from your host machine:

docker@boot2docker:~$ sudo sshfs $username@$ipaddress:/Users/$username/ /home/docker/osx/

replacing $username and $ipaddress as appropriate. You'll have to enter your password.

Now you can run a docker container (using the docker client on your host machine) and mount a local folder (using the path to it on the boot2docker VM), eg:

$ docker run -it -v /home/docker/osx/somefolder:/opt/somefolder ubuntu bash

and any updates made within your local folder will be immediately visible within the container.

Largely taken from the comments here: boot2docker/boot2docker#188

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inancgumus commented May 14, 2017

How about mounting a volume from a different docker-machine to a local docker host? Such as a docker-machine running in digitalocean droplet to my macbook?

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Thanks @fyddaben @codeinthehole: it works for me

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danvc commented Jun 12, 2017

Hi Guys, I did the inverse and worked faster with less steps to get it working:

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