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Last active Jun 17, 2019

What would you like to do?

Dheeraj Kumar


What I'm looking for

  • The kind of work I do, as a part of senior tech leadership, is in the nexus of tech, product, people and process. I can't think of one job title that encompasses this, but "Engineering Manager" comes close.
  • I specialize in generalizing, so I can work on pretty much any aspect of the business.


Career break Late 2018 - now

  • Speaking engagements

    • Synup, on non-dev teams working effectively with devs
    • Pramata Software, on being part of the dev community
    • Clarisights, on databases & data pipelines
  • Consulting

    • Big-data company, on hiring, community engagement, data pipelines & cloud cost optimization
    • Blockchain startup, on React, Kubernetes & devops

Quintype Mid 2015 - Late 2018

#2 engineer in a SaaS + PaaS data-driven digital publishing platform

  • Helped grow it to ~100 people
  • Helped setup processes for entire employee lifecycle - hire, onboarding, mentoring, monitoring, feedback, 1-1s, performance review, promotion, career shift, exit
  • Helped build a custom PaaS on Docker/Kubernetes, as very early adopters
  • Helped build a content distribution system that scaled to 400 million api calls/month
  • Led a team to re-architect front-ends multiple times to build the fastest websites for publishers, with sub-second guarantees
  • Built a full-text search engine using ElasticSearch, optimizing for relevance + recency, handling content in multiple Indian languages
  • Led a team to rewrite a complex front-end to a newer tech stack
  • Built rich-text editors based on Scribe, Draft, ProseMirror
  • Clojure, Typescript, React, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Go

Bang The Table Mid 2012 - Mid 2015

#7 engineer in an Australian community-engagement company.

  • Helped grow it to ~40 people
  • Helped rewrite the flagship product EngagementHQ to a newer tech stack
  • Helped run the engineering side of CX, heavily reducing the number of open tickets
  • Worked in a distributed/remote environment
  • Led a team to internationalize a massive app in a maintainable way, to help enter new markets & achieve government compliance
  • Led a team to build a brand new analytics engine & data pipeline
  • Led a team to build a theming engine for the entire product, saving CX and custom development work for client requests
  • Built rich-text editors based on CKEditor, Redactor
  • Ruby on Rails, Backbone, React

Entrada Labs Late 2011 - Mid 2012

My own startup, offering consulting while building a product for SMBs in India to setup websites easily, update their content themselves, and provide turnkey integrations such as shopping cart, contact form, SMS marketing, etc. It was primarily on Ruby on Rails/Backbone.

Outsmart360 Mid 2010 - Late 2011

#3 engineer in a Norwegian-funded startup, working on multiple stacks - LAMP, Wordpress, Ruby on Rails, jQuery/Backbone, ASP.NET to build products & deliver services for Nordic countries.


Anna University Mid 2006 - Mid 2010

Bachelor of Engineering degree, in Computer Science. Organized multiple events, including an international conference. Freelanced as a Windows/.NET developer for international clients.

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