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Last active Jan 6, 2018

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Old clan warfare idea I found

Clan Warfare Revamp Make-A-KoL

Elevator Pitch

Make clan war be a turned-based tower defense minigame. Towers and tower upgrades have an escalating cost so larger clans don't have an advantage. Each player gets one clan attack a day if they are participating and can attack either a random clan for material rewards or a specific clan for bragging rights points (similar to PvP). is a very rough interaction demo for how the minigame would work. The chess theming might be too much of an overlap with the Witchess Set, so alternate themes might be needed. The overall idea is for the attack to navigate a grid of towers much like a creep in a normal tower defense game. By reaching and destroying the King tower, the attack is victorious. If the attacker's hitpoints are depleted before destroying the King tower, the attack fails.

Design Goals

  • All clans should be able to participate equally regardless of size.
  • All players in a clan that is participating in clan warfare should be able to engage with the system, not just admins.
  • Clan warfare should involve some level of strategy, beyond simply spending more meat.

Building Towers

All clans start off with a blank 11x11 grid. Before they can participate in clan warfare, they must place exactly one King tower. Additional towers can be purchased up to a limit for each type of tower. Once placed, towers can be upgraded using clan meat but for relatively small gains and very exponential cost increases (taking a cue from incremental games here). By using an escalating cost curve for upgrades, larger and more prosperous clans will have only a small numeric advantage over smaller clans. This also allows a separation of permissions so more senior clan members can control board layout while more rank-and-file members can be given permission to upgrade towers and thus feel more invested in their defensive set up.

Once set up, towers must be fueled using either meat or some other items that need an economic sink. The fuel timer is shown in a number of rollovers until the timer expires. If a timer expires without being refueled, the tower will lose a level of upgrade or if it is as level 0 already, it will become inactive until fueled again. This provides a way for players to assist their clan without participating in the minigame itself. Basic towers will have a long refuel timer (14 days) and a low cost, but some more powerful towers such as the Queen can have a shorter and/or more expensive refueling requirement.


Once a clan has opted in to clan warfare, each member will receive one clan attack at rollover in a similar manner to adventures and PvP fights. Attacks will work in a vaguely similar way to PvP, where you can choose to attack either a random clan of similar rank or a specific clan. If you attack a specific clan you get reduced rewards, either only bragging points or a bragging points and a smaller amount of reward currency, as well as there being no rank change. When attacking a random clan, you receive both bragging points and reward currency, as well as an increase in rank.

Upon selecting a clan one way or another, the attacker will be sent to the game board. They can select any square on the edge of the board to start from. Play takes place in alternating rounds of the player moving/attacking and then the board attacking the player. The player may have some special attacks TBD, but otherwise they move using the arrow keys and try to navigate around the attack zones of the various towers to reach the King. The player can directly attack towers to destroy them for the current game, but some towers can take several hits. If the attacker reaches and destroys the King tower, the attack is a success.


Each successful attack can have two different rewards. Bragging points are a pseudo-item along the lines of existing clan trophies and will be delivered directly to the trophy case (I'm guessing those are some kind of flag internally). Qualifying attacks can also receive reward currency. To start with this would probably be a flat amount of currency for each victory, though if this causes problems with multis (if the reward items are tradable), it may need to scale with the size of the clan. The reward currency can be traded in in basically the same was as PvP Swagger.

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