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notes for memorial hacknight

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Memorial Hacknight
Python Office Hours is a beginner-friendly python meetup.
Memorial hacknight is February 7, starting at 5pm.
You don't need to rsvp, but it is helpful if you do.
I didn't know Aaron, so I am not going to talk at length about him.
To learn about him you should see the talks that memorialize him,
the essays. You should look through his own writings and talks.
If you are moved by his life and death, if you are upset, inspired,
and if you think, what can I do? I wish I could donate! Then take this
time to think about the skills you have and how you can donate them to
these things that move you.
For the hack night, I'll open the discussion by talking a few minutes
about openness in technology and culture. I'll list a couple of projects
I know about, one is a civic project, the other an open science one. Then I'll
mention ways in which people of all experience levels and backgrounds
can contribute to open source projects.
People who are interested in some of the projects we talk about can
take a look at them. People who are not can introduce us to other
projects. We can also talk about ideas for projects that don't
exist yet.
During the meeting, I'd also like us to take a minute or so to talk
about depression and mental illness.
Here is some background on all of the memorial hacknights that are
being planned or have already happened:
Project ideas and hackathon dates can be found at this google doc:
Once we identify projects, we can identify tasks
example tasks
* work on packaging in ubuntu, debian, homebrew, etc.
* improve documentation
* review pull requests
* find issues and work on them
* categorize issues as bitesized to help us plan out tasks that
people of all skill levels can help with
* help do tasks to make a project easy to contribute to (insert
text here to guidelines based on organizations like openhatch.
good example of what to do in via
presentation, essays
* open science, open access, open notebook, open data, open gov --
create a presentation to introduce people who may be unfamiliar
with these ideas. anywhere from 5 (lightning talk) to 45 minutes.
* legal stuff, but I don't have any depth of knowledge about this,
so I prefer not to take on this task as I would have nothing of
profound insite to say.
Aaron's code and code he has contributed to:
You can look at his github account to see the repositories in it. some are listed below
* — may be possible to extract some reusable, generic code from this
* [lacks documentation]
Some other projects that aren't in his github account or website
* update so as to be congruent with squarezooko

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