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links from my chipy open science talk on 2013/02/14

google talk slides and dropbox folder with pdf/odt/pptx versions

Aaron's rawnerve essays on getting better at life

Away from Keyboard: Aaron H. Swartz



twitter#icanhazpdf scraper


What is open access? illustrated video

10 simple ways to share PDFs of your papers

10 things you can do to REALLY support #OpenAccess #PDFTribute

How open is it? Open Access Spectrum

Choice Blindness Group

Hall, L., Johansson, P., Tärning, B., Sikström, S., & Deutgen, T. (2010). Magic at the Marketplace: Choice blindness for the taste of jam and the smell of tea. Cognition, 17, 54-61. PDF versus closed acccess link

Hall, L., Johansson, P., & Strandberg, T. (2012). Lifting the Veil of Morality: Choice Blindness and Attitude Reversals on a Self-Transforming Survey. Plos ONE 7(9): e45457.

Deception at Duke: Fraud in cancer care?

"Power of Suggestion: The amazing influence of unconscious cues is among the most fascinating discoveries of our time­—that is, if it's true". The article that discusses priming and the problems arising with people attempting to replicate Bargh's elevator results. python project that will be sprinted on at pycon. It's used by the Reproducibility Project.

Someone asked a question about whether the influence of open science could be tracked. total-impact was the project I was trying to remember for my answer.

open science summit with talks on open hardware


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