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Add Bitmap Images to SVG

Add Bitmap Images

Continuation of data join lesson for Civil War


What is a Bitmap Image

  • standard graphic file that people normally use
  • jpg, png, tiff are all bitmap images
  • loss of resolution when scaling
  • edit in GIMP or Photoshop as well as most graphics programs
  • most common format

SVG needs to be edited in Illustrator or InkScape.

Apply Background Image

Download image.

  .attr('xlink:href', 'assets/civilwarmap.jpg')
  .attr('x', '0')
  .attr('y', '0')
  .attr('width', '600')
  .attr('height', '500')
  .attr('opacity', '0.2');

download additional backgrounds

Modify Button to change background image

assign a variable background to the background image you created above.

  1. go to buttons event handler on.('change',...
  2. go to the if statement for selection == union
  3. add background.attr...
  4. change opacity to 1.0

Answer and example code is below the next image.

const buttons = d3.selectAll('input');
buttons.on('change', function(d) {
 console.log('button changed to ' + this.value);
 const selection = this.value;
 if (selection == 'union') {
     .attr('xlink:href', 'assets/union.png')
     .attr('opacity', '1.0');

Change Backgrounds for Both Confederate and Border

Add HTML button for all

handle button press event 'all'

Assume that there is a new function called, listAllStates. Pass all there alliance arrays to the new function.

} else if (selection == 'all') {
  .attr('xlink:href', 'assets/civilwarmap.jpg')
  .attr('opacity', '0.2');
  listAllStates(union, confederate, border);

create function listAllStates

Remove Current Text

function listAllStates(union, confederate, border) {

Add Column for Union

.attr('x', '50')
.attr('y', '50')
.style('font-weight', 'bold');

Go Through Union Array and List Each Element

union.forEach((element, i) => {
    .attr('x', '50')
    .attr('y', i * 20 + 80);

Add Confederate and Border

Add Transitions

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