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$ curl http://localhost:8500/v1/health/checks/v0.1.0-SNAPSHOT_myservice?pretty
"Node": "inblrlt-shivam",
"CheckID": "service:2fd993e4931427b89f1bc832a6192ee0",
"Name": "Service 'v0.1.0-SNAPSHOT_myService' check",
"Status": "passing",
"Notes": "",
"Output": "Sun Dec 23 20:37:06 IST 2018: MyService is running\n",
"ServiceID": "2fd993e4931427b89f1bc832a6192ee0",
"ServiceName": "v0.1.0-SNAPSHOT_myService",
"ServiceTags": [
"Definition": {},
"CreateIndex": 13070,
"ModifyIndex": 13102
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