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@colemickens colemickens/blah.bash
Last active Jun 30, 2020

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# <investigate>
# looks like: regression when copying aarch64 derivs from x86->aarch64!!!
# - the first command fails
# - the second one succeeds, doesn't seem right
# first error:
# + nix --experimental-features 'nix-command flakes' --pure-eval --show-trace copy --to file:///tmp/colemickens-nixtmp /nix/store/7dmhqf7a0w0y128gz1xv3wy55ankcrwm-nixos-system-raspberry-20.09.git.drv
# error: --- Error ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- nix
# a 'aarch64-linux' with features {} is required to build '/nix/store/9psjdx08hy7wbm3hap4lcsgagam8p660-hm_.configzsh.zshrc.drv', but I am a 'x86_64-linux' with features {benchmark, big-parallel, kvm, nixos-test}
nix copy --to "file://${t}" "${drv}" &>/dev/stderr || true
nix-shell -I nixpkgs= -p nix --command "nix copy --to file://${t} ${drv}"
# </investigate>
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