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How to access and use Crowdmark using Blackboard Connect at UBC


Crowdmark and Blackboard Connect at UBC have been integrated. This short note provides guidance to:

  • Activate Crowdmark for usage within Blackboard Connect
  • Launch into a Crowdmark Assessment from Blackboard Connect

Further instructions on using Crowdmark with Blackboard integration are available here. The notes below show how to get started at UBC.

Access Blackboard Connect

Log into Connect with your CWL:

Alternatively, click here:

Crowdmark Sign-In for UBC

Activate Crowdmark for use in your course

To use Crowdmark in your course at UBC, you will have to make it available for usage. Under Customization, click on Tool Availability:

tool availability

Scroll down the alphabetical list of tools to find Crowdmark. Click the toggle to make Crowdmark available in your course:

Click to make Crowdmark available

Hover or click on the + near the upper left corner of the course area to access the Content Area

content area

Under Tools, click on Crowdmark:

click on Crowdmark

Give your assessment a name (e.g. Homework1 or Midterm 2):

name your assessment

Click Submit to launch into Crowdmark:

launch by clicking submit

A new browser tab opens in Crowdmark:

browser tab for creating an assessment

Further instructions on using Crowdmark with Blackboard are available here.

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