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** <2018-06-07 Thu> Notes on Meeting with NSERC at UBC on the CRD Program
Location: ESB2012 at UBC.
*Forstering Industry Partnerships and the NSERC CRD Grants*
| Time | Who | Connection |
| 130-135 | Raquel De Souza | NSE Research Development Officer |
| 135-200 | Pam Giberson | RDO, NSERC Pacific Regional Office |
| 200-230 | Richard Sones | Director, Industry Partnerships -- APSC |
| 230-330 | Panel Discussion | |
There is a remote audience at UBC-O so questions need to be asked with a microphone. There are sign-in sheets and feedback forms.
SPARC (part of VPRI) is a resource to assist with grant writing.
NSERC Innovation Budget is about 330M. CRD receives about a third of that so about 100M.
Why CRD?
+ Flexible in terms of size.
+ 2:1 leverage on company cash
+ 1 to 5 year grants
+ apply anytime
+ high success rate (85%)
+ mutually beneficial collaboration
+ train HQP
+ transfer technology
+ create new knowledge, products, or processes
+ benefit Canada
Training is a very significant component. Engage does not require training as a key component. CRD requires a significant component.
3 essential components to a proposal
+ Researcher
+ active
+ connected to a university
+ Students/PDFs
+ Proposal partners
+ one company, consotrium of companies, not-for profits, industry associations, government partners
+ not all are NSERC-eligible
Eligible Partners
+ Canadian-based companies
+ Public utilities
+ Industrial Associations and Producer Groups
+ /Multinationals - if RD;Manufacturing;Production in Canada/
+ /Foreign companies - if Canadian partner involved/
Training Students/PDFs
+ Graduate students
+ Undergraduate students
+ Postdoctoral Fellows
Academic knowledge + Industrial experiments --> Jobs
Proposal Advice:
+ Find ways to tell a compelling story
+ 4 components of a proposal
+ F101
+ F100
+ F183a
+ Company Letter
+ No CCVis required, it has to be the F100
F101-write a great grant?
+ We review drafts
+ opportunity to showcase your work
+ ensure that any question a peer reviewer might raise has already been addressed
F101-Proposal Structure--Use these Headings
+ Synopsis
+ Background
+ Detailed proposal
+ Team expertise
+ Training
+ Research Management
+ Industrial Relevance
+ Benefit to Canada
+ Support of your institution
F183a this is really important (see the Engage web site)
+ evidence of a coprorate objective to grow through the development, in Canada, of innovative technology-driven new or improved products, services, or processes
+ the nature of the company-specific problem
+ the efforts to date that the company has invested towards addressing this problem and the company's need for this research project
+ the activities that led to the proposed collaboration
+ the business opportunity for the company
+ how the company expeccts to integrate the research results into its operations and how this will change the offered products, services or processes
+ the subsequestn effort the company will invest following the project's completion
+ ....
Company should specify in-kind contributions. These are scrutinized. The in-kind contributions need to be fully justified and described well.
+ salaries -- technical and professional staff
+ provision of services
+ field work logistics
+ donation of materials
+ donation of equipment
+ manufacturing runs / production losses
+ Hourly salary rate has been raised to $100 per hour
How does the matching work?
+ NSERC 100K
+ Company 50K cash plus (overhead)
+ Other sources 30K
+ Company 50K in-kind
NSERC never doubles more than the cash.
Is there a maximum? Something like $1M per year.
What happens after you submit?
+ Assigned to a program officer in Ottawa
+ The program officers are organized by sector
+ Initial review for completeness and compliance
Selection Criteria
+ Scientific merit
+ Competence of the team
+ Training opportunities
+ Industrial relevance/ Benefits
+ Benefit to Canada
+ Budget
Decision--why not funded?
+ Lack of details
+ Questionable scientific merit
+ Poorly situated within state-of-the-art
+ weak training opportunities
+ insifficient benefit to Canada
+ Company can't implement or build on results
Connect Grant
+ Level 1
+ travel grant for academic researchers to meet with comapnies
+ Up to $5K for 3 months
+ Level 2 (slide change....)
Framework on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Many initiatives under way.
Update on changes in research partnerships. Budget 2018 asked for consolidation:
+ Engage
+ Experience
+ Connect
+ Industrial Research Chairs
+ Strategic Partnership
These will all be folded into a new unified program. This reorganization is expected to be ready by Budget 2019. That means, we need to have a submission ready for Treasury Board in the Fall. We are consulting with our communities. We wish to know more from you.
+ Pam Giberson
+ NSERC Pacific
+ 604 666 8814
Panel Discussion
| Name | Title | Affiliation |
| Ziad Shawwash | Assistant Professor | Civil Engineering |
| Jeremy Benson | Manager of Planning and LIcensing | BC Hydro |
| David Wilson | Professor | Mechanical Engineering, Surgery |
| Shahriar Mirabbasi | Professor | Electrical and Computer Engineering |
| David Wilkinson | Professor | Chemical and Biological Engineering |
| Edouard Asselin | Professor | Materials Engineering |
| Daan Maijer | Professor | Materials Engineering |
Seven out of seven members of the panel are male. Six out of seven are from engineering.
Questions I have?
+ Connections to DRI funding?
+ Programs to support incubating startup companies? Seems predisposed to be a program for mid-size or larger companies.
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