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A python 2 script to build maven projects using python and in provided order in config.
#! python2
import os, shlex, ConfigParser, logging, sys, subprocess, time, re, pprint
import os.path as path
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
from datetime import datetime
base_dir = "C:\\"
software_dir = "software"
jdk_dir_name = "jdk1.7"
m2_dir_name = "maven\\m3"
sources_dir = "sources\\project1"
working_branch = "HEAD"
source_base_dir = path.join(base_dir, sources_dir, working_branch)
#Get Date in required format
now ='%A.%d-%b-%Y.%H%MHrs')
file_name = __file__
except NameError, e:
file_name = ''
#Script name
script_name = path.basename(file_name)
print "Script name is %s" % (script_name,)
log_file_name = file_name + ".log"
print "Log file name set as %s" % (log_file_name,)
#get Data from properties file
property_file = file_name + ".properties"
print 'Property File name is %s' % (property_file,)
#Setup Logging
'debug': logging.DEBUG,
'info': logging.INFO,
'warning': logging.WARNING,
'error': logging.ERROR,
'critical': logging.CRITICAL,
if len(sys.argv) >= 2 and sys.argv[1] in LEVELS.keys():
level_name = sys.argv[1]
level_name = 'info'
FORMAT = "%(asctime)s - %(name)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s"
level = LEVEL.get(level_name, logging.NOTSET)
logging.basicConfig(level=level, format=FORMAT, filename=log_file_name, filemode='w')
log = logging.getLogger(script_name)
def get_project_name(pom_dir):"setting pom.xml path to %s", pom_path)
if path.isfile(pom_path):
tree = ET.parse(pom_path)
root = tree.getroot()
for artifactId in root.findall('{}artifactId'):
log.debug("Project name retrieved as %s", artifactId.text)
return artifactId.text
# Reading Properties file
configuration_section = 'Configuration'
projects_list_section = 'Projects List'
parser = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()
project_seperator = parser.get(configuration_section, 'project_names_list_seperator_char')
maven_extra_arguments = parser.get(configuration_section, 'maven_extra_arguments')
maven_lifecycle_arguments = parser.get(configuration_section, 'maven_lifecycle_arguments')
maven_jvm_arguments = parser.get(configuration_section, 'maven_jvm_arguments')
project_names = parser.get(projects_list_section, 'project_names')
except(ConfigParser.Error, IOError) as err:
exception_info = "Cannot parse property file. Details are : " + str(err)
base_dir_exists = path.isdir(base_dir)'Base dir %s is available? %s', base_dir, str(base_dir_exists))
if base_dir_exists:
JAVA_HOME = os.environ["JAVA_HOME"]
except KeyError as ke:
log.warn("JAVA_HOME is not set, checking if we can set it.")
JAVA_HOME = os.path.join(base_dir, software_dir, jdk_dir_name)
if path.isdir(JAVA_HOME):
java_bin_dir = os.path.join(JAVA_HOME, 'bin')"JAVA_HOME is being set as %s and updating systempath with %s", JAVA_HOME, java_bin_dir)
os.environ['JAVA_HOME'] = JAVA_HOME
os.environ['PATH'] = java_bin_dir + ';' + os.environ['PATH']
M2_HOME = os.environ["M2_HOME"]
except KeyError as ke:
log.warn("M2_HOME is not set, checking if we can set it.")
M2_HOME = os.path.join(base_dir, software_dir, m2_dir_name)
if path.isdir(M2_HOME):
m2_bin_dir = os.path.join(M2_HOME, 'bin')"M2_HOME is being set as %s and updating systempath with %s", M2_HOME, m2_bin_dir)
os.environ['M2_HOME'] = M2_HOME
os.environ['PATH'] = m2_bin_dir + ';' + os.environ['PATH']
if len(maven_jvm_arguments) > 0
os.environ['MAVEN_OPTS'] = maven_jvm_arguments
SRC_DIR = path.join(base_dir, working_branch, working_branch)
if(path.isdir(JAVA_HOME) and path.isdir(M2_HOME) and path.isdir(SRC_DIR)):
pom_dirs = set()
pattern = re.compile(r".*\\target\\.*")
for (dirpath,dirnames,filenames) in os.walk(SRC_DIR, topdown=False):
if path.isdir(dirpath) and pattern.match(dirpath) == None
for filename in filenames:
if filename == 'pom.xml':'adding pom.xml dir : %s', dirpath)
project_name_to_path = {}
for pom_dir in pom_dirs:
project_name_to_path[get_project_name(pom_dir)] = pom_dir
log.debug('All pom dirs : %s ', pprint.pformat(pom_dirs))
log.debug('project names to path mappings : %s', pprint.pformat(project_name_to_path))
if len(project_seperator) > 1:'Project seperator was set as %s which is of size %d when it should only be 1',project_seperator, len(project_seperator))
project_seperator = ';''setting project_seperator is %s' , project_seperator)
maven_projects_dir_in_run_order = []
for project_name in project_names.split(project_seperator):
clean_project_name = project_name.strip()
pp = project_name_to_path.get(clean_project_name)'Project Name %s, Project path %s', clean_project_name, pp)
pp = path.relpath(pp, source_base_dir)'Project Name %s, Project relative path %s', clean_project_name, pp)
log.debug('Maven Projects dir(s) in run order are : %s', pprint.pformat(maven_projects_dir_in_run_order))
maven_executable = path.join(M2_HOME,'bin','mvn.bat')
maven_arguments = shlex.split(maven_extra_arguments)'Maven executable is %s and extra arguments are %s', maven_executable, maven_arguments)
invalid_parameters_with_args_list = ['--log-file', '--projects']
invalid_parameters_list = ['clean', 'install']
for parameter_arg in invalid_parameters_with_args_list:
if parameter_arg in maven_arguments:
removed = maven_arguments.pop(maven_arguments.index(parameter_arg))'Removing unneeded parameter %s from arguments.', removed)
projects_list = ','.join(maven_projects_dir_in_run_order)
maven_arguments.extend(['--projects', projects_list])
maven_arguments.extend(shlex.split(maven_lifecycle_arguments))'final maven arguments are %s', maven_arguments)
pOpenParams = []
log.debug('pOpen arguments are : %s', str(pOpenParams))
process = subprocess.Popen(pOpenParams, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)
output, error = subprocess.communicate()
except(IOError, OSError) as err:
log.error("Error while running maven: %s", str(err))
err_msg = 'Something is not right unable to setup the environment'
print("Base directory \ Drive unmapped : " + base_dir + ".... Exiting NOW!")
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