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Last active Jan 29, 2021
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King - Raynia Yamashiro (LL:0)
{"id":"4daea0a7-d44d-4793-b558-4d3f8e006cb4","group":"","sort_index":0,"cloudID":"65851c100bd4ede62e0e1ab6449b0896","cloudOwnerID":"4efd70ec-b012-4da8-a444-5f133f7844a7","lastCloudUpdate":"Thu Jan 28 2021 19:01:52 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)","level":0,"callsign":"King","name":"Raynia Yamashiro","player_name":"AquaPheonix","status":"Active","dead":false,"text_appearance":"<p>Raynia is an augmented human, with cybernetic implants installed when she was younger for what was to be a corporate career for cyber/virtual IT professional. These implants were installed into her spine, with the input for plugs being located around the base of her skull. These implants are dull normally unless she is jacked in or chose to let them glow. It also gives a side effect of her eyes glowing at the same time although she would try to explain it as relating to dataplates providing a HUD for her, which she often had anyway.</p><p>Raynia's body however is a very noticeable pear shape. Her hair is black and kept long enough to cover the implant at the base of her skull, but short enough that it would be easy to manage. While fit, she was at best toned with pale skin due to a preference of working at night or in the dark rather then being out during the day. Her greatest embarrassment however is her huge ass which she always feels like sticks out. The rest of her body usually having a thin layer of fat, hiding the muscle tone but otherwise not having much of an issue. Due to the planet she was growing up on having lower gravity, she is taller then an average day human, standing at around 7'2\".</p><p>Raynia when not working usually wears sweat pants with either a t-shirt or something similar for her casual/off duty wear.</p>","notes":"","history":"<p>Raynia \"King\" Yamashiro is one of the newest recruits to the Ferrox Initiative. Inside the program she would often be working on her mech's coding and would be very protective and sensitive to anyone wanting to check certain parts. That is due to her having installed her own secret NHP.</p><p>Before signing up with Ferrox, Raynia was a hacker from an outer rim colony called Lumina - 5. The colony itself was run by a corporation with cybernetic implants often being common among the residents. Raynia was an IT tech during the day, specializing in coding, but at night she would on occasion take gigs in order to help pay the bills from the corporate overlords. During one of these jobs however she noticed a strange code inside of a database she was hired to hack into. At first she tried to follow it but whenever she tried it would quickly draw away, causing her to go back and continue her job only for the strange code to once more follow. After a while of this, eventually her curiosity of who was following her got the better of her as she switched course to follow the code to the source. As before the code withdrew, but this time she was ready for it and was able to follow it. However rather then be an external terminal, it went deeper into the database. Through channels and backdoors she would have never found unless she was being lead. Eventually she finally tracked it down to the source, a NHP heavily hidden in the servers of the company. The NHP was in bad shape and wanted out but knew it wouldn't be able to escape. Not like this. Instead it did the next best thing. As Raynia was physically jacked into her terminal and was lured to the NHP itself, it implanted a fragment of itself inside of her mind, asking for her to protect the fragment and nurture it so that it can grow before ejecting her back to where she had left off with her job, the backdoors slamming shut as she was pushed out. The job did not take much longer but left her with questions in the long run of what was going on.</p><p>While at first she thought the encounter as some kind of weird cyberdream due to how surreal the experience was, it soon became obvious it was not. Hidden in her implants with the newborn NHP. While simplistic in its current state, it was observing and learning from her. Initially she was unaware of its presence, but soon noticed weird things happening when she would try to do things. Eventually she discovered the NHP and realizing how much of a target this made her, she tried to escape the colony. This came in the form of a Ferrox Initiative recruitment drive, which were looking for new recruits for its Lancer Training Program. Deciding that working for one corporation was as good as any other, she signed up with Ferrox, figuring the lancer mechs might be a good place to hide the newborn NHP under the guise of any normal NHP.</p>","portrait":"","cloud_portrait":"","quirks":[],"current_hp":6,"reserves":[],"orgs":[],"background":"HACKER","mechSkills":[0,0,2,0],"licenses":[],"skills":[{"id":"sk_stay_cool","rank":1},{"id":"sk_hack_or_fix","rank":1},{"id":"sk_invent_or_create","rank":1},{"id":"sk_act_unseen_or_unheard","rank":1}],"talents":[{"id":"t_technophile","rank":1},{"id":"t_hacker","rank":1},{"id":"t_spotter","rank":1}],"core_bonuses":[],"loadout":{"id":"74f0a220-70d8-4ef7-b7c6-b1e3342d100c","name":"Primary","armor":[{"id":"pg_stealth_hardsuit","destroyed":false,"cascading":false,"customDamageType":null}],"weapons":[{"id":"pg_light_signature","destroyed":false,"cascading":false,"customDamageType":null},{"id":"pg_light_a_c","destroyed":false,"cascading":false,"customDamageType":null}],"gear":[{"id":"pg_subjectivity_enhancement_suite","destroyed":false,"cascading":false,"customDamageType":null},{"id":"pg_dataplating","destroyed":false,"cascading":false,"customDamageType":null},{"id":"pg_tertiary_arm","destroyed":false,"cascading":false,"customDamageType":null}],"extendedWeapons":[null],"extendedGear":[null,null]},"mechs":[{"id":"73ce8a90-d8ae-4eee-a6ac-b983e4ddcd1c","name":"Queen","notes":"","gm_note":"","portrait":"","cloud_portrait":"","frame":"mf_standard_pattern_i_everest","active":false,"current_structure":4,"current_move":4,"current_hp":10,"overshield":0,"current_stress":4,"current_heat":0,"current_repairs":1,"current_overcharge":0,"current_core_energy":1,"loadouts":[{"id":"8ebaaa96-ebdd-4ec4-afd3-909b61fb47cb","name":"Primary","systems":[{"id":"ms_expanded_compartment","uses":0,"destroyed":false,"cascading":false},{"id":"ms_eva_module","uses":0,"destroyed":false,"cascading":false},{"id":"ms_manipulators","uses":0,"destroyed":false,"cascading":false},{"id":"ms_rapid_burst_jump_jet_system","uses":0,"destroyed":false,"cascading":false},{"id":"ms_type_3_projected_shield","uses":1,"destroyed":false,"cascading":false}],"integratedSystems":[{"id":"ms_technophile_1","uses":0,"destroyed":false,"cascading":false}],"mounts":[{"mount_type":"Main","lock":false,"slots":[{"size":"Main","weapon":{"id":"mw_assault_rifle","uses":0,"destroyed":false,"cascading":false,"loaded":true,"mod":null,"customDamageType":null,"maxUseOverride":0,"selectedProfile":0}}],"extra":[],"bonus_effects":[]},{"mount_type":"Flex","lock":false,"slots":[{"size":"Flex","weapon":{"id":"mw_charged_blade","uses":0,"destroyed":false,"cascading":false,"loaded":true,"mod":null,"customDamageType":null,"maxUseOverride":0,"selectedProfile":0}}],"extra":[{"size":"Auxiliary","weapon":null}],"bonus_effects":[]},{"mount_type":"Heavy","lock":false,"slots":[{"size":"Heavy","weapon":{"id":"mw_howitzer","uses":0,"destroyed":false,"cascading":false,"loaded":true,"mod":null,"customDamageType":null,"maxUseOverride":0,"selectedProfile":0}}],"extra":[],"bonus_effects":[]}],"integratedMounts":[],"improved_armament":{"mount_type":"Flex","lock":false,"slots":[{"size":"Flex","weapon":null}],"extra":[{"size":"Auxiliary","weapon":null}],"bonus_effects":[]},"integratedWeapon":{"mount_type":"Aux","lock":false,"slots":[{"size":"Auxiliary","weapon":null}],"extra":[],"bonus_effects":[]}}],"active_loadout_index":0,"statuses":[],"conditions":[],"resistances":[],"reactions":[],"burn":0,"destroyed":false,"defeat":"","activations":1,"meltdown_imminent":false,"reactor_destroyed":false,"core_active":false,"cc_ver":"ERR"}],"cc_ver":"","counter_data":[],"custom_counters":[],"combat_history":{"moves":-4,"kills":0,"damage":0,"hp_damage":4,"structure_damage":1,"overshield":0,"heat_damage":27,"reactor_damage":0,"overcharge_uses":0,"core_uses":0},"state":{"active_mech_id":"73ce8a90-d8ae-4eee-a6ac-b983e4ddcd1c","stage":"Narrative","turn":2,"mission":0,"actions":2,"braced":false,"overcharged":false,"prepare":false,"bracedCooldown":false,"redundant":false,"mounted":false,"stats":{"moves":-4,"kills":0,"damage":0,"hp_damage":4,"structure_damage":1,"overshield":0,"heat_damage":27,"reactor_damage":0,"overcharge_uses":0,"core_uses":0},"deployed":[]},"brews":[]}
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