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Demo of how to test for n+1 queries produced by sqlalchemy
# for use with sqlalchemy
def test_foo():
stmts = []
def catch_queries(conn, cursor, statement, a, b, c):
event.listen(engine, "before_cursor_execute", catch_queries)
assert _most_frequent_queries(queries=stmts, query_count=4, query_type='SELECT', query_print_length=50) == [('SELECT X FROM Y', 5)]
def _most_frequent_queries(queries, query_count, query_type, query_print_length):
select_sql_statement_groupings = {}
for statement in queries:
if statement.startswith(query_type):
select_sql_statement_groupings.setdefault(statement, 0)
select_sql_statement_groupings[statement] += 1
return list(map(lambda x: (x[0][:query_print_length], x[1]), list(OrderedDict(
sorted(select_sql_statement_groupings.items(), key=lambda x: x[1], reverse=True)).items())[:query_count]))
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