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Notes on how to upgrade to react-router v4
note- we use auth0, some of this is specific to that
launch and look at the UI to make sure everthing is working
npm update all gently (i.e "npm update" without hand-editing package.json)
dependencies: (these will need the ^ later but for now leave it as is until it's proven to work)
- "react-router": "4.4.0-beta.8",
- react-router-redux -> "react-router-dom": "4.4.0-beta.8",
- "redux-auth-wrapper": "^2.1.0",
(note: add the ^ after changes are done so upgrades will kick in- there are more versions already!!)
create configureHistory.js
replace all usages of react-router-redux
- replace push with history.push
- add auth classes/funcs
- un-nest routes
- add "exact"
- add leading / to each route
- wrap components in userIsAuthenticated
replace Link imports with: import {Link} from 'react-router-dom'
Navigation- use NavItem with to and is
App- export function
index- use ReactDOM.render, add || div for testing, use store from configureStore
replace this.props.params with this.props.match.params
replace this.props.location.query with usage of library qs
replace return state.routing.locationBeforeTransitions.query.redirect with
replace redirectUrl(getState()) with redirectUrl(history)
Fix UI/css errors as needed
mv dev.env .env # now test login and redirect on login
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