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Generate Reports from Excel Data in Java
You can present Microsoft Excel data in the form of customized reports to your users such as clients, stakeholders, etc. As a Java developer, you can generate such reports programmatically by using Excel spreadsheets as a table of data. Here, you will learn how to generate reports from Excel data using Java.
String srcDocument = "C:\\Files\\template.docx";
String docReport = "C:\\Files\\Output.docx";
String dataFilePath = "C:\\Files\\Contracts_Data.xlsx";
// Set extracting of column names from the first row.
DocumentTableOptions options = new DocumentTableOptions();
// Create document table
DocumentTable table = new DocumentTable(dataFilePath, 0, options);
// Create document assembler
DocumentAssembler assembler = new DocumentAssembler();
// Assemble data and generate report
new DataSourceInfo(new DataStorage(), null),
new DataSourceInfo(table,"ds"));
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