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Edit Word Documents using Java
Edit Word Documents using Java
1. Java API for Editing Word Documents
2. Edit Word Documents using Java
//Input file
String inputFilePath = "C:\\Files\\Sample.docx";
//Load the document with load options
WordProcessingLoadOptions wordLoadOptions = new WordProcessingLoadOptions();
wordLoadOptions.setPassword("some password"); // Password if required
Editor editor = new Editor(inputFilePath, wordLoadOptions);
// Specify Edit Options
WordProcessingEditOptions editOptions = new WordProcessingEditOptions();
//Open input document to edit
EditableDocument beforeEdit = editor.edit(editOptions);
//Grab document content and associated resources from editable document
String content = beforeEdit.getContent();
List<IImageResource> images = beforeEdit.getImages();
List<FontResourceBase> fonts = beforeEdit.getFonts();
List<CssText> stylesheets = beforeEdit.getCss();
//Get document as a single base64-encoded String, where all resources (images, fonts, etc) are embedded inside this String along with main textual content
String allEmbeddedInsideString = beforeEdit.getEmbeddedHtml();
//Edit the content
String allEmbeddedInsideStringEdited = allEmbeddedInsideString.replace("Subtitle", "Edited subtitle");
//Create a new EditableDocument instance from edited content and resources
EditableDocument afterEdit = EditableDocument.fromMarkup(allEmbeddedInsideStringEdited, null);
//output document path
String outputPath = "C:\\Files\\Sample_output.docx";
//Save options
WordProcessingSaveOptions saveOptions = new WordProcessingSaveOptions(WordProcessingFormats.Docx);
//Finally, save to path, outputPath, saveOptions);
//Dispose the objects
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