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Last active Feb 2, 2016
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r2.2.2 :001 > require 'roo'
=> true
2.2.2 :002 > s ='./roo_error.xlsx')
=> <#Roo::Excelx:1776756266060540 @tmpdirs @tmpdir @shared @filename @sheet_files @workbook @sheet_names @sheets @sheets_by_name @options @cell @cell_type @cells_read @first_row @last_row @first_column @last_column @header_line>
2.2.2 :003 > s.each_row_streaming do |row|
2.2.2 :004 > p row.first.value
2.2.2 :005?> end
=> nil
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conorliv commented Feb 2, 2016

I think that the value on line 9 should be "Value" instead of nil. This seems reasonable because A1 and A2 are merged together.

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