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Implementing Flux architecture in RiotJS

Implementing Flux architecture in RiotJS

RiotControl seems an unnecessary dependency and has a critical issue whereby registering multiple stores causes any event to be triggered multiple times. I decided to create a minimal dispatcher.

Create a very simple dispatcher singleton called dispatcher.js:

import riot from 'riot'

class Dispatcher {
  constructor () {
export default new Dispatcher()

Now use it in stores like this:

import dispatcher from './dispatcher'

class MyStore {
  constructor () {

  foo () {
    dispatcher.trigger('update_event', 'bar')
export default new MyStore()

... and in Tags like this:

import dispatcher from './dispatcher'

  <h2>{ data }</h2>
  <button onclick={ switch }>Bar</button>
  <script> = 'foo'
    this.on('mount', () => {
      dispatcher.on('update_event', this.updateEvent)
    this.on('unmount', () => {'update_event', this.updateEvent)
    this.switch = () => {

    this.updateEvent = (data) => { = data

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@JrSchild JrSchild commented Oct 26, 2016

It couldn't be more minimal. I love it.

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