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Richard Cook cookra

  • Cookra Limited
  • United Kingdom
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View Agile Central (Rally) Simple Notify
_notify: function(colour, msg) {
var c = {
red: 'ffb6b9',
green: 'd1ffb1',
amber: 'ffdc67',
blue: '71d9ff',
white: 'ffffff'
message: msg,
View Agile Central (Rally) Simple TreeGrid & Store
Ext.define('CustomApp', {
extend: '',
componentCls: 'app',
launch: function() {
models: ['userstory'],
autoLoad: true,
enableHierarchy: true
# see
# core
brew install coreutils
# key commands
brew install binutils
brew install diffutils
brew install ed --default-names
brew install findutils --with-default-names
View Highcharts Cheat Sheet
chart: {
alignTicks: true, // When using multiple axis, the ticks of two or more opposite axes will automatically be aligned by adding ticks to the axis or axes with the least ticks.
animation: true, // Set the overall animation for all chart updating. Animation can be disabled throughout the chart by setting it to false here.
backgroundColor: '#FFF', // The background color or gradient for the outer chart area.
borderColor: '#4572A7', // The color of the outer chart border.
borderRadius: 5, // The corner radius of the outer chart border. In export, the radius defaults to 0. Defaults to 5.
borderWidth: 0, // The pixel width of the outer chart border.
className: null, // A CSS class name to apply to the charts container div, allowing unique CSS styling for each chart.
defaultSeriesType: 'line', // Alias of type.