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Freelance/Contract Front End Developer at PANDR

Freelance/Contract Front End Developer

PANDR are a small web design and development agency in Norwich, UK. We pride ourselves on the design and execution of beautiful and useable websites and applications. Our goal is always to exceed our clients expectations.

We're looking to enlist the services of really really (really!) talented front end developer for a 2 month period. You'll be working in partnership with a Ruby engineer, on a large code base (version controlled with Git), to deliver a beautiful interface for a client application. You'll also have the ability to work internally on PANDR projects too.

The ideal candidate profile combines a passion for UI/UX, great HTML/CSS/Javascript skills, a significant amount of perfectionism and the ability to finish projects and ship.

You must be able to demonstrate prior experience with examples of polished websites and applications that you're proud to show off. An ability to explain your use of Javascript and front end optimisation in the context of these examples is desirable. General experience of making people go "wow" will make us smile.

You should be passionate about:

User experience HTML and Javascript best practices Style, presentation, execution and design Writing simple, accessible, semantic and scalable HTML5

You should be very strong on all of the following:

  • HTML/CSS – not a web designer, but extremely good at implementing markup
  • Javascript – including Coffeescript and jQuery
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Progressive Enhancement / Graceful Degradation, Responsive layout, fluid layout, etc
  • Version control (we use Git)
  • Keep it Simple, Stupid! (KISS)

Desirable skills:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • HAML
  • Experience of Model-View-Controller (MVC) coding patterns
  • Know your way around a command line

Bonus points for skills in:

  • HTML5 sexy-ness (e.g. websockets, canvas)
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Knowing the difference between TDD and BDD (not Bacon Driven Development - although we strongly believe in this too)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS e.g. S3, EC2)
  • Mobile web (jQuery mobile or similar)
  • Experience working with the Facebook and Twitter APIs

What we look for in new PANDRs:

(Without this sounding like a profile for a dating agency) We'd love to meet someone who is as thoughtful as us when it comes to user experience. Your ability to ask the right questions about designs and specs upfront, helps us to solve problems as a team. This mentality relies on you being able work with both technical and non-technical folks, both internally and externally.

Your understanding that winning comes as a result of building simple and sustainable systems. Knowing that adding a new feature often means refactoring old code puts you ahead of your compadres. Your carefully thought out execution today means we can code faster, as a team, tomorrow.

Execution is key and is what separates web agencies from OMFG incredible companies.

Other stuff we're into (like a dating profile):

  • Music - We built and help run The 405 and Rakkit
  • Cycling - Sometimes we do silly stuff like cycle to Barcelona, Copenhagen, Paris or Brighton
  • Beer & Hacking - We run the Norwich Ruby User Group
  • Pool - We've got a table in the studio. So long as you're not better than Pete, otherwise he'll sulk!

Compensation and hours:

We're looking for someone to work 30 - 40 hours per week You don't have to live in Norwich but, if you do, you can work from our lovely studio in Colegate An hourly rate will be based on your experience and commitment level

Getting in touch:

Email us at with your C.V, work examples and general sales pitch.

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