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Camo Banano Mixer

Lets say Alice wants to send funds to Bob, but wants to use a mixer.

Mixers are centralized, trusted bots that take an input transaction from Alice and sends it to Bob, but pools the funds in such a way the transaction cannot be traced back from Bob to Alice.

Here's how it would word: Alice, Bob, and Charlie all set up their accounts using camo, so their rep is set to their ECDH public key.

Alice creates a new camo seed: Annie. She sends the funds meant for Bob to Annie.

Alice then uses Annie to send the funds to Charlie.

Alice then sets Annie's rep to (Bob's non-camo banano address, XORed with (the Alice-Charlie shared secret)). This prevents Annie from receiving any Camo transactions, but since only Charlie knows about Annie, it's fine.

Charlie sees Annie's rep change as a signal to send funds from Annie to Bob.

When Charlie thinks the pool is big enough, Charlie sends the funds to Bob. Charlie would have several seeds from Annie, Bernie, Calvin, Doug and be able to mix and match transactions as needed to empty the pool, and not use Annie's transactions to send funds to Bob at all.

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